Put That Sorting Hook Out Of Service!




10-2.10.5 Removal Criteria states:

“Hooks shall be removed from service if damage such as the following is visible and shall only be returned to service when approved by a qualified person”…

“(c) Excessive pitting or corrosion,”…

“(f) Deformation – any visible apparent bend or twist from the plane of the unbent hook,”…

“(g) Throat opening – any distortion causing an increase in throat opening of 5% not to exceed 1/4in. (6mm) (or as recommended by the manufacturer,”…

What Are You Looking At?

This sorting hook is a very useful tool when it is in its original state as the manufacturer intends it to be. At first glance you see that the end user used this sorting hook for tip loading, rather than having the load fully engaged in the throat or bowl of the hook. Secondly, the working load limit was disregarded resulting in severe deformation. Thirdly, this sorting hook is showing the signs of excessive pitting and corrosion. Ironically, this sorting hook was part of the rigging on a crane that tipped over due to the operator neglecting to use his outrigger pads.

When anyone compromises the odds in likelihood  of a catastrophic event occuring are amplified. Safety is always about practicing a series of good decisions, adhering to the codes of OH & S and the operating standards of ASME.  Put that deformed sorting hook out of service, don’t compromise and stay safe.

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