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Reading University News Release (PDF)
Reading University Recipient of the ASBA Award

Reading University is a program designed for children who are leaving Grade 3, yet are not reading at grade level. Established in the Grande Prairie region by the Side family in 2009, it is a program Northern Metalic is passionate about and proud to support.

It is well known that in the first three years of school our children learn to read… and from then on they read to learn. Those who are unable to read at grade level are at serious risk of never catching up, impeding their potential and limiting their future chances of success.

Reading University takes these children out of a typical classroom setting and engages them through innovative strategies, enhanced teacher/child ratios, a fun environment, and activities that encourage reading and writing. For the child, it feels more like play than learning. Most importantly, it works – and is proven to turn the lives of these children around.

In 2017, over 130 kids benefited from the 3-week course (which is offered to families at no cost). The program continues to grow and Northern Metalic is hoping to help the program expand its reach to assist children throughout Alberta and across the country.

Reading University was the proud recipient of the Friends of Education Award in 2011. The award recognizes special contributions to education and was particularly meaningful given that the nomination was supported by the three school districts operating in Zone 9 in addition to the Grande Prairie Regional College.


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Every Year the Reading University is supported by the Reading University Hole in One Golf Tournament, 2016 year was an exceptional year as we celebrated our first  “Hole In One” winner who received a Pick Up,  and 2017 we had our second “Hole in One” winner for $10,000!  It was a great success again this year and raised over $60,000. towards next years Reading University program.


2016 RU Golf Tournament – Hole in One Winner, Brian Farnden – Pick up Truck –  Sponsored by the Auto Group

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2017 RU Golf Tournament – Hole In One Winner, Tali Hughes – $10,000 – Sponsored by Rob Neil and Associates