We have had a long relationship with Northern Metalic Sales Ltd. During this relationship, we have experienced exceptional customer service and true value for goods received. The friendly, knowledgeable staff make dealing with Northern Metalic a priority for us. Northern Metalic’s commitment to our Vendor Managed Inventory and sourcing/recommendation of more cost-efficient/alternate products, have been a key contributor to our overall success. Prompt and accurate invoicing helps to reduce effort on the part of our AP department, as well as myself. This is another area where Northern Metalic excels. For these reasons and countless others, we consider Northern Metalic to be our FIRST CALL supplier.

I would like to say that the staff at Northern Metalic Rocky Mountain House are both courteous and resourceful. Regardless if the tools or materials requested are on the shelf or have to be sourced out. They help find and deliver those materials in a timely fashion and with a smile. Makes our business that much easier!

It has been about a year now since switching from our previous supplier to Northern Metalic Sales and in that time our experience has been a great one. From dealing with their Salesperson Nathan to their counter staff, their customer service is above and beyond. Any request is answered immediately, and their communication is excellent. What makes them stand above any other competitor is that they understand our sense of urgency. Working on a large project where deadlines, priorities, and work changes on a constant basis. Northern Metalic is always there to answer our calls for help. A great company from the bottom to the top. Thank you for making our job a little easier.

Including Northern Metalic as one of our vendors and business partners was the best decision for continuous improvement of inventory management at our company. Being somewhat remote; it isn’t always easy to keep our shelves stocked with consumables, fittings, etc., but getting Northern Metalic to look after our Vendor Managed Inventory for our mobile shop makes our jobs much easier. The shelves are always stocked and organized, and since Northern Metalic took ownership of our VMI, we have not had any equipment downtime due to out-of-stock items. When we need something urgent or hard to find, we just call Northern Metalic and they always find what we need and delivers. There is no substitute for great service, and that is exactly what we get from Eric and his team. Thank you Northern Metalic!

Even if Northern Metalic doesn’t have a product or stock a certain item (as odd as it may be) you guys always go the extra mile to figure it out and get the product for us.

Northern Metalic is always good to deal with. With a friendly and courteous attitude.

Northern Metalic supports our industry in all aspects. They are a great supplier and reference for our day-to-day operations. We have been dealing with them for 20 years plus. Their focus on detail and service goes above and beyond every time. We get everything from Oil-Lubrication to welding supplies. All in all, they are a part of our team and would be lost without them.

I am totally content with the service I receive at Northern Metalic …second to none if you ask me!! Thanks, and keep up the solid work!

I have been using Northern Metalic for the last few years on our project and have had a very positive experience with the company. Our rep goes well above and beyond for us quite often and the staff in the stores are always very courteous and willing to accommodate our diverse needs. The stores carry a wide range of products and stock which is a great asset when you are in urgent need of a product to keep the job going.

I would like to thank the team at Northern Metalic for the opportunity to extend the outstanding support Ted has provided to us and other parent companies that I am personally involved in. We rely on Ted’s outgoing talent to keep the cost of his side 110% dependable. Ted’s phone is always on 24-7 just like all my businesses, it is very reassuring to know we can count on him. Knowing that Ted’s commitment is always taking care of us at all levels of service is very important to our Company.

Northern Metalic is always there when needed. Always able to answer any and all questions I may have. Michelle in outside sales is top shelf.

Service and pricing are always great. Northern Metalic is always able to supply what my shop needs.

Between Eric and Michelle, they always go the extra mile for my needs, as random as they may be. No is never an answer. I may not spend much money but love the consistent service and treatment provided.

Our company is very satisfied with the service of Northern Metalic and our Salesman, Ted. We find his service very helpful and cost-effective by having delivery to our door on a weekly basis. Ted is very knowledgeable about the products Northern Metalic handles. We greatly appreciate the business relationship we have.

Always my first stop shop. All staff give A1 service and go above and beyond for our shop’s needs. As for Michelle in outside sales, she deals with any issue right away or as soon as possible. The pricing is always excellent and consistent. I never have to worry about inconsistent price increases and if I ever have an issue with pricing Northern Metalic will beat the competition if possible.

I have been dealing with Northern Metalic for the entire 8 years that I have been here. Ted has been coming on-site religiously once a week. I have no complaints about the service provided by Northern Metalic or Ted. They are very accommodating and helpful. Communication between myself and the staff at NM has been constant and thorough. We will continue to utilize Northern Metalic for many upcoming projects.

Michelle is always consistent with service and weekly shop visits. Even if we don’t need anything at the time.

I value Greg as a Sales Consultant, he is very honest, his oil field background serves him very well. When requesting quotes, we have them emailed to us in a timely fashion. He will always inform us of any items that have a longer delivery time and will follow up if the delivery date changes, which is greatly appreciated. We receive competitive pricing on items purchased, if Greg has a product that would serve our needs better he will suggest we try it and explain the benefits. When purchases are made, Greg delivers the items to either of our locations which is a valued customer service.

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