Loctite’s origin is a modern industrial fairy-tale. It is the story of Vernon Krieble, a retired chemistry professor, who persuaded his son Robert in the 1950s to leave a well-payed management job and become co-founder of a start-up. Their business model was based on a technical discovery for which no apparent need existed: a substance that solidifies within minutes in the absence of air. They called the new technology “anaerobic” and their vision was to introduce it into the metalworking…

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LOCTITE® – Eliminating Fastener Loosening. Preventing Failure.

Traditional fastening methods leave gaps. LOCTITE®  threadlockers fill them. Mechanical locking devices (such as split washers, nylon nuts, etc.) were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. The reality is, however, that they don’t maintain clamp load as assemblies “locked” with mechanical devices often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion and/or improper torque. Why? Because mechanical devices don’t fill the gaps between the engaging threads. By bonding the thread roots and filling all of…

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Tire Chains

Tire chains are important items to have readily available when you live in Canada. While useful all year when working off-road, they are even more necessary during the winter months when the roads start getting icy. Tire chains are available for a wide variety of vehicles including ATVs, skid-steers, pick-up trucks, sand trucks, graders, and more. While Northern Metalic does carry a wide range of tire chains, we also offer the option to customize them to match your specifications. Not…

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COVID-19 Update

With the growing concern around Covid-19, we are witnessing unprecedented and rapid changes. We remain committed to monitoring the situation carefully and to responding as required. Our primary concern is ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, our customers, and associated families. Northern Metalic is currently open for business. We recognize the need to continue filling orders and navigating delivery of goods with everyone’s best interests in mind. That means that where we are experiencing limitations with respect…

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Eaton’s Viscosity Grade Change

Over the years, performance demands of heavy-duty truck transmissions diverged from diesel engines and created the need for specializing the fluids. In response to this, Eaton Corporation, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of transmissions, created the PS-164 specification. Then in 2017, they demanded more robustness from transmission fluids and replaced PS-164, revision 7, to PS-386 for increased fuel economy, extended drain intervals up to 500,000 miles and enhanced durability for gear and bearing protection in extreme temperatures. This new specification also…

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