Of particular note and a point of pride for the company is Grade Three Reading University.

Since its inception in Grande Prairie, Reading University has shown steady growth from the 32 children that attended in 2009 to the record 195 students that marched through the doors in 2019. “At the grassroots of this organization lies the commitment that those students that are nominated and in need of this program will not be denied access. We stand by that commitment wholeheartedly.” says Grade Three Reading University co-founder, Linda Side. “This is a critical turning point in the life of a child where they cross from learning to read, to reading to learn. The program is designed to give those kids in the Grande Prairie area not yet reading at grade level the leg up they need to succeed.”

The intense, three-week program takes the students through literacy centers designed to achieve success with their “dream team” of educators. “The secret sauce is our student teacher ratio – 2 teachers for every 10 children – our incredible leadership under Principal Helen Neufeld, her Co-Pilot Dana Heidemann and unique strategies that are not always feasible to implement in the parameters of a typical classroom environment. We will use creative and interactive play, music, physical activity, and reading approaches that engage the children in ways that may not have occurred to them to date.” comments co-founder, Rhonda Side.

We wholeheartedly believe that literacy and education are at the core of all societal goals. Core to healthier, more active communities. Core to social justice.  Core to post- secondary education enrolment, to prosperous communities, to good citizenship…why wouldn’t you get behind that?”

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