We recognize that having inventory on hand is key. Northern Metalic's regional inventories are multi-faceted and comprehensive. We work where you do, ensuring you have ready access to the parts and products you need - when you need them. As a result, our business is as much about inventory management, logistics, and expediting as it is supply and service.

At Northern Metalic we recognize that every customer has unique business practices and needs We take pride in our ability to work with each customer in identifying specific needs and creating a solution that makes the most sense. Ultimately, it means Northern Metalic uses best efforts to promote and demonstrate products that would make the most sense for your applications and objectives. Our solutions based approach means identifying potential savings, efficiencies, improvements, and redundancies. We draw on various initiatives to give you the most benefit, such as:

  • Automated Vending Machine Solutions
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs
  • Remote Warehouse Solutions
  • Remote ordering Solutions
  • EDI Transactions
  • Customer Specified Stock Numbers
  • Bar Code/Descriptive Labeling
  • Customer Reporting

Long-standing relationships are the heart of our business. We believe by ensuring continuity between our customers and our sales team, we are able to develop a greater understanding of each client’s needs – to provide the best customer service and solutions possible.

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