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Makita History

Makita Corporation came from humble beginnings. Almost 100 years ago in a small shop Makita started out as an electric motor repair company. During these early years, a wealth of knowledge was collected giving way for the first electric power tools to be built. From the very beginning, it was clear that providing exceptional products and service would be the cornerstone for building a successful partnership with you, our customer, then and today. Makita continually makes investments where it counts… research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and customer service. Our growth and success in the power tool industry has proven that this is the winning formula.

Technology has evolved fluidly throughout our history. From our start in that small repair shop, Makita has become a leading power tool manufacturer. Utilizing the experience gained with electric motors, we launched our first power tool in 1958; a portable electric wood planer (1000). The motor was powerful, construction impeccable and functionality was ahead of its time.


Throughout the 1960’s and 70’s Makita continually added innovative products and by the 1980’s hundreds of tools had been designed. All were developed with the user in mind and answering a simple question: How do we make the job easier and more efficient for our customers?


The year 1978 marked a significant milestone, both in Makita’s history, and the power tool industry. We launched our FIRST cordless power tool bringing cordless technology into the mainstream power tool market. The Makita 9.6V battery platform was a game changer in the industry proving it’s value with users around the world. Cordless tools from this point forward were viewed as a viable alternative to A/C electric power tools.

The performance of cordless tools proved to be strong and caught the attention of NASA. Going from earth to space, Makita tools were taken to the International Space Station. Achieving the expectations of the mission, it marked another significant accomplishment for the Makita cordless family.


In 2005, Makita launched the LXT line of Lithium-Ion powered cordless tools. Among the first in the industry to recognize the advantages of Lithium-Ion, Makita used this new power source to increase performance and reduce overall tool weights.

An often overlooked feature of the LXT line of tools is the ergonomic design built into our product. Throughout Makita’s history, we always make ergonomics an integral part of the design process. This is directed solely for the benefit of you… our customer. Advanced ergonomics allow you to operate our products for longer periods of time with reduced physical impact on your health. From something as simple as handle shape that fits comfortably in your hand to the angle of the drill design that compensates for the balance of the battery, offering you the most natural wrist position for horizontal drilling.


The future of LXT technology continues to advance. Makita now has over 80 rock solid tools in the LXT cordless family. Pushing voltages up to 36V in a single battery by using our innovative Direct Connect System (18V X 2) allows customers with 18V batteries to connect them together for use on our 36 V (18V + 18V = 36V) product line.


With 36V power as a viable option, the replacement of corded power hungry A/C electric tools like Rotary Hammers, Circular Saws, Lawnmowers, Chainsaws is here.


At Makita, customer safety is a critical element that is taken seriously. Advanced features are incorporated directly into tool designs making safe operation a crucial component of the overall performance.


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