Northern Metalic opened the first store in 1956 in Dawson Creek, BC – Mile O of the Alaska Highway. Prior to a physical store, the business involved a small band of intrepid salesmen who travelled the newly constructed Alaska Highway peddling tires and supplies. The road was really bad… which meant the tire business was pretty good!Our story began in 1968 in Grande Prairie when Al Side expanded the operation in Dawson Creek to move into Alberta. Since then, the company has experienced dramatic growth and diversification, change and adaptation. And in the tradition of selling tires to drivers braving the Alaska Highway, Northern Metalic has built the business on identifying needs and providing solutions.

Today, Northern Metalic has emerged as one of the largest and most diversified (MRO) and industrial supply houses in Western Canada. Through a strategy that involves acquiring complementary businesses, as well as creating new ones, there are now over 40 companies operating under the Northern Metalic name. Northern Metalic is a company that is constantly changing with the times to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Metalic Safety
AAA Safety and Field Services
Leyman Distributors